In the run-up to Halloween, so do many parents’ questions about how to celebrate the scariest day of the year in one of the scariest years on record. Is It Safe to Be Frauded or Treated? Do we still have to distribute sweets? Can children run around the neighborhood if they live three feet away? Should children wear masks if their Halloween costumes are already masked? Parents are stressed enough to call on spirits for advice.

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If you’re hoping the mask that comes with your child’s Paw Patrol costume will suffice, the bad news is: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published explicit recommendations for Halloween and it’s clear When it comes to masks: “A costume mask (like on Halloween) is not a substitute. cloth masks, “said the guideline.

“A costume mask should only be used if it has two or more layers of breathable fabric that covers your mouth and nose and leaves no gaps in your face,” the CDC reports.

“Halloween costume masks are not meant to be protective like regular face masks designed for use with the coronavirus,” said Dr. Sunita Posina to Dr. Romper.

“It’s important to wear a mask made of two or more layers of breathable fabric that covers your nose and mouth completely and fits over the sides of your face without gaps.”

Which leads to the next question: Can’t my child wear one of the everyday face masks under their costume mask? Unfortunately, this arrangement can present different risks, says Dr. Donna Hallas, program director of pediatric nursing and clinical professor at NYU’s Rory Meyers College of Nursing, told Romper.

“Many of these children’s masks are made of plastic or hard materials. So it is easy to happen if parents wear masks, children can’t breathe enough. So that’s a big problem.”

“Wearing a simple face mask over a coat mask should be avoided altogether because it can make breathing difficult,” said Dr. Posina too. “Instead, wear a Halloween themed face mask or decorate a simple Halloween themed face mask without sacrificing protection.”

Dr. Hallas advised parents not to allow children to wear Halloween masks unless they are alone at home with their families. When traveling with other children, it is best to follow CDC guidelines and have children regularly wear face masks in their costumes.

Realizing that the trust to a child can be enormous, he urges parents to remember that the dangers of Halloween being a super distributor are very real and that there is no reason to take the risk if there are creative ways to help children tap into their true passion. very dangerous. “You can wear your costume mask at home and have a zoom party with friends,” advises Dr. Hallas before. The sensation of showing off the costume will remain, but the safety of your home.

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